Sunday, 18 November 2007

William Maginn

Peter Haining in Buried Passions suggests that the book that transformed the original story into a more theatrical 'villain verses innocent maiden' that pervades the public perception of the murder was not the James Curtis book (written at the time of the trial and famously bound in Corder's skin). It was rather a book by William Maginn called The Red Barn. This version of the story apparently is quite similar in content to the plays that were performed about the murder. The plates below were originally from The Red Barn (by way of Peter Haining's Buried Passions).


Anonymous said...

As far as I know, the only source for Maginn's authorship is the assertion of a notorious BS'er, John Timbs, later in the 19th-century. Robert Huish is a more likely candidate.

PterodromaSolandri said...

I was relying strictly on Peter Haining's book for this information. Thanks for filling me in. Interestingly enough if you search Google Books for the same title you will find another copy with Robert Huish as the author!